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Affordable Lash Extensions in Olathe, Kansas City USA

Spoil yourself Salon Overland Park Olathe, Kansas 

If you are an Olathe resident and searching for the Best Lash Extension services at affordable prices. Spoil Yourself Salon is the Best option you can ever get. 

Sandeep Kaur and her amazing team provides the most affordable lash extension in Olathe Kansas area. They have the potential to enhance someone’s feeling of style and confidence with their amazing work.

If you want to go for the reduced makeup routine, Eyeliner and mascara can be easily swapped with lash extensions. It saves all your time both at night and in the morning. Lash Extensions are perfect for active girls especially those who want to look decent with little effort because they’re sweat- and water-resistant.

Do Lash Extensions make you look younger? By giving your lashes more length, volume, and lift, extensions give the appearance of larger and brighter eyes. It also gives you a younger appearance because wearing lash extensions makes a lot of people feel more confident.

USA Olathe Kansas Lash Extensions Price Details

Wondering about affordable lash extensions near me? If you are an Olathe resident and looking for the cheap lash extension services in Overland Park Olathe. Syl is the perfect choice. 

Have a look at the chart and see the prices of the lash extension services of the Best salon in Olathe Kansas. If you are going for first time lash extensions deals, you can see the difference in price range. Syl Salon offers the cheapest prices in Overland Park Olathe. 

Salons in OlatheLash Extensions
Syl Salon$85

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Affordable lash extension in Olathe kansas hours

Check out the Opening and Closing timings Syl offers to its customer.

  • Mon to Fri: 10:00 am — 8:00 pm
  • Sat: 10:00 am — 7:00 pm
  • Sun: 10:00 am — 7:30 pm

Affordable lash extension in Olathe kansas phone number

Looking for the best lash extension salon near me with weekend appointments? Just Dial any of these numbers T: 703-789-3735 Or T: 9132631772 and book your appointment now.

Best Extensions in Olathe Kansas Reviews

Still wondering which one to choose? Let me tell you, Syl Salon not only offers the cheap extension services for their salon services but also provides the best quality you can ever get. 

To clear all your doubts, just have a look in the video and see our happy customers.

Book Your Appointment in Overland Park Olathe, Kansas USA

So, Are you ready to experience the stunning services of Syl? You only need to look at Syl Salon in Olathe, Kansas! Schedule a consultation with Syl Salon today! 

Their experienced estheticians assess unique needs. It recommends the expert extension to help you achieve your skincare goals. 

You can further get to know about it on Also, you can book an appointment and use the code: SylOnline at the checkout to get 10% off.


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